If you are unable to solve your problem with the online help, please contact the IT Service Desk (USC) at + 49 89 382-55455 (English) or via email at


The IT Service Desk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Please keep the following information ready when you make the call:


  • Your supplier number
  • Portal user name(s)
  • Provide as much details as possible about your technical problem, browser configuration and operating system (for technical questions).
  • Details about your contact person at the BMW Group (if you have any questions about admission).


Your problem will be captured by the IT Service Desk team and forwarded to the appropriate support group of the BMW Group via a hotline ticket. Your request will be processed immediately.

Please report disturbances and system problems exclusively by telephone to the IT Service Desk. This is the only way for the employee to be able to query all the necessary information for quick error analysis and resolution.


Important: If you're no satisfied with the way your question / problem has been solved, you have the option to reopen the ticket with an appropriate remark. Click:  or call +49 89 382-55455.

Cookie Policy

BMW uses Cookies for Session Handling. Only then is it possible to assign actions reliably to a specific user and to establish access rights. The cookies are only in use for the duration of a session and contain as piece of personal data, only an individual session ID which can be assigned to a registered user for later traceability.

IT requirements

For some applications in the Partner Portal, it is necessary that a JAVA Runtime Environment (JRE) version is installed on your system.

You can download the JRE on the Internet at


Browser settings

The display of the Partner Portal as well as the use of its applications is optimized for the latest version of the Internet Explorer.

All popular web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari, are also supported by most applications.


Cookies must be enabled:

Under Start, go to = > Control Panel = > Internet Options = > Privacy and set the slider to "medium".


Disable the pop-up blocker for

Make sure that the pop-up blocker in your browser is disabled for the address  " ". A description of the settings can be obtained here.

JavaScript must be enabled:

Make sure that JavaScript is enabled in your browser.