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Do you need access to the BMW partner portal as user or for your company? Please follow the offered option to get access.

Admission Master Administrator

You already have a supplier number with the BMW Group, but you have not yet been admitted to the partner portal?


Guideline: Master Administrator Application

Request new Master Administrator / Request new User Registration


You can apply for admission with the link below: "Apply for admission". With just a few clicks you can:

- upload the Master-Administrator application PDF

- register additional users for your company (The prerequisite is that your company has a master administrator. He/She manages all the users of your company and ensures that you will receive a user name and password for the first log-in after you have submitted your application by e-mail.)

If your registration fails because your company has not yet registered a valid master administrator, confirm in the "Request Admission" dialog box that you want to apply for a "Master Administrator" and enter the required data.

Please print the PDF for the new installation or change of the master administrator and have it signed by your managing director/representative (application Master Administration) before uploading it via the upload button.

Once your request has been processed, the BMW Group will send you a username and password for the first time log-in by e-mail.

A short moment after receiving the e-mail, you can log in to the BMW Group Partner Portal with this data. Please change the password immediately to a string of your choice and use "Deposited Knowledge for Password Reset" to keep you working even if you forget your password.


Apply for admission


Change Master Administrator


If there has been a change of employee or if the master administrator has to be changed, please print the PDF for the new installation or change of the master administrator and have it signed by your managing director/representative (application Master Administration), then please send it as a scan to the e-mail address specified on the form.

As soon as your request is processed, the BMW Group will send you the information of the change by e-mail.



An active Partner Portal account gives you access to many information and applications for smooth collaboration. At the beginning you can only use some standard applications. Find out what other applications you need and follow the approval information on the detail pages.

BMW Employee Registration

As a BMW employee you can request the access to the Partner Portal directly via the BMW Intranet.


Please click on the following link and enter your q-account and TSS password (alternatively you can also use the integrated windows authentication) to login to the Partner Portal.

Become a partner in 3 steps

You want to apply as a partner of the BMW Group and are not yet registered in the BMW supplier database? Then we will be happy to help you – you are only three steps away from approval.


Step 1

In order to be approved you need to apply for a so-called D-U-N-S number (data Universal numbering system). Since its introduction in 1962, it has been used clearly identify companies worldwide and it is recommended and used by the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). You will receive the number free of charge via the universal identification system on the Bisnode platform (unique partner identification key).


Step 2

After you have received the DUNS number, you can apply for admission to the BMW Group via the link "No, there is no supplier number" section.

Guideline Supplier Application


Step 3
After successful application and allocation of a supplier number, your company will appoint a master administrator, who will have access to the BMW Group Partner Portal (B2B Portal) and thus take over the user administration. Attention: This step is only possible after a supplier number has been assigned!

Masteradministrator Manual
Masteradministrator Form



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